Why You Should Always Choose USDA Certified Organic CBD?

Why Does reLeaf Therapy Care About USDA Certified Organic CBD?

At reLeaf Therapy, we firmly believe that quality CBD and hemp products matter. There is no better way to show this by offering our customers the ability to purchases USDA certified organic products. We recognize that each decision has a cause-and-effect relationship with our planet, and through conscious decision making and collective action we can achieve regenerative change… together. Our intention is to be transparent in our practices and impactful in our decision making throughout our supply chain.

Our products are rooted in regenerative systems. We carefully partner with our farmers to ensure compliance with organic standards and collaborate to achieve bountiful, organic harvests. The hemp grown with our partners is USDA-certified organic and is the foundation for all of our products. Our hemp is non-GMO and we never use synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We are partnered with USDA organic hemp farms in Vermont as well as USDA organic facilities in Colorado and California where CO2 extraction is used instead of solvents.

Why Should You Care About USDA Certified Organic CBD?

In any product that is meant to be consumed, quality should be one of the most important factors. A USDA organic CBD or hemp product has a superior quality to it over a product without the USDA certification. Extracts produced are guaranteed to be organic and the facilities that produce the extracts are subject to periodic on-site inspections. All ingredients in the final CBD product are documented and traced back to organic farms.

Finished products with the USDA certification must also meet certain standards that include growing, storage, processing, shipping, and packaging. Things that most people wouldn’t even consider like using genetically modified seeds is not even allowed. Most importantly, there is avoidance of synthetic substances such as chemical fertilizers. This allows consumers to not have to stress over what they are putting into their bodies. You will not have to worry about the quality of hemp used for CBD oil! You can also be assured that the hemp itself was grown in top quality soil. This is important because hemp is extremely absorbent of its surroundings.

What Exactly Is A USDA Organic Certification?

Simply put, USDA certified organic is the highest level of organic certification that you can achieve in the United States for companies and businesses that deal with organic products and organic materials. The requirement to obtain a USDA certification is in place to make sure that all organic material is clear of any dangerous materials. This includes the finished product and the steps along the way to complete the product. From a consumer standpoint, this means no pesticides, heavy metals, or unwanted contaminants. The USDA organic certification also includes steering clear of certain materials that permanently damage the ecosystem and the environment.

Why Doesn’t Every CBD Company Sell USDA Certified Products?

It’s no secret that quality comes with a higher cost. Most CBD companies and brands will not seek the USDA organic certification because it will save them both time and money. It is a time-consuming process alone to be able to get the USDA logo on a company label and most businesses just don’t have the patience to do so.

What’s even worse, is that some sketchy companies might label their products as being USDA organic without having any certification or proof to back it up. Always make sure you can check a company’s third-party lab test and ask to see a certificate when in doubt. Also keep in mind that some farms and facilities would love to get the USDA certification but cannot because of their poor soil quality.