CBD For Your Pre-Workout Routine

Hemp and other cannabis products, specifically ones that contain CBD, are finding their way into gym bags across the world. It is becoming more common to see pro-athletes and fitness stars reporting their positive experiences with CBD supplements. A lot of people who take their fitness routine seriously have heard of CBD, but many still have questions about it. For example, with an overflooded market of hemp products available in-store and online, which one is best for your fitness needs? Which CBD products should you be focusing on to assist with your workout routine? When and how should you be using these products?

When people think of CBD and fitness, most believe it to be an excellent choice for a post-workout supplement. And it for sure can be. But more and more are starting to use it for their pre-workout as well, especially the slower digesting CBD products such as CBD gummies and CBD softgels. But there’s more to think about, including when you prep the night before for a good night’s rest.

CBD Pre-Workout Basics For New Users

Regardless of using CBD as a pre-workout or any other time, there are some things that new users should be aware of. First, many hemp products that contain CBD contain other hemp plant extracts as well. Many contain Delta 9-THC which are still legal as long as they were derived from hemp and not marijuana as per U.S federal law. This is because the hemp plant became a federally legal crop in 2018 while marijuana is still considered illegal on a federal level, as of early 2022.

It is common for companies and individuals to use CBD as an all-inclusive term for the multiple variety of hemp formulas and extracts being CBD dominant in their cannabinoid content. For example, a CBD tincture might be labeled as CBD oil but if it is a full-spectrum product it will contain other cannabinoids, hemp terpenes, carrier oils, and possibly more. Even broad-spectrum hemp products that contain undetectable Delta 9-THC can still be high in other cannabinoids besides CBD such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and others. Lastly it should be known that you can get CBD isolate products which will contain CBD and no other cannabinoids.

With so many different types of CBD products to pick from also comes with the different assortments of delivery methods such as skin topicals, tinctures, edibles, plus more. Each different CBD product has its own unique set of benefits that requires a different timeframe to cause its desired effects. For instance, a CBD inhalable product such as a vaporizer will take effect the quickest, while an edible that has to be digested and absorbed will work more slowly. But as a pre-workout you can use that slower absorption time to your advantage.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is just as important for your pre-workout routine as it is your post-workout routine. When your body sleeps it is recovering from the workout that you did previously in the say but also prepping it for the following days fitness routine. It is fairly common knowledge that if you want to get the most out of your workout your body needs a proper night’s rest of recovery. The more intensely you wish to train the next day, the better-quality sleep you need to make sure your body gets the night before.

When you sleep your body is regulating and repairing itself in ways not possible when you are awake. Muscle that was worked out needs to be repaired which is done by protein synthesis. Protein synthesis occurs to your body during non-REM sleep. When you don’t allow your body to get the proper amount of sleep it needs you are limiting the amount of glycogen that is produced. Glycogen is used to help fuel the muscles in the body. Without it, you are limiting your fitness progression and recovery. Be sure to check out reLeaf Therapy CBD PM softgels which are formulated with extra CBN and melatonin for sleep purposes.

Pre-Workout CBD Products: Softgels, Capsules, & Edibles

Because CBD products such as softgels, capsules, and gummies must be swallowed and absorbed through the digestion system they will not kick in immediately. Depending on a few varied factors, such as when you last ate, what type of workout you plan to do, and your current metabolism, these CBD products can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to fully kick in. For a post-workout supplement, it is best to take the above CBD products right before you work out, but for a pre-workout supplement it is recommended that you take them about 2 hours before you begin. This will provide your body adequate time to fully absorb and digest the CBD.

Pre-Workout CBD Products: Tinctures & Sublingual Oils

Compared to gummies and softgels, CBD tinctures will absorb at a noticeably quicker rate. This has to do with the ability of the oils bypassing the digestive tract and being absorbed under the tongue. Some CBD tinctures are even available in water-soluble options meaning they can be added to a pre-workout drink. Water-soluble CBD has an even quicker abruption time when compared to a traditional CBD tincture. Be sure to check out reLeaf Therapy's Water-Soluble CBD. Even though the absorption time is faster, the desired effect will be similar to taking CBD gummies and softgels. I personally recommend taking CBD tinctures if you are looking to feel the effects during the workout itself and they should be taken 1 hour to 30 minutes prior to starting. Otherwise, they make an excellent post-workout supplement and can be taken immediately upon completing a workout.

Pre-Workout CBD Products: Topicals

CBD topicals are simple to use. Simply apply the CBD to the skin right before beginning your workout. The two types of muscle soreness that people deal with during a workout are Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and Acute Muscle Soreness (AMS). The soreness that you experience a day or later after a workout is DOMS while the soreness that you experience during the workout itself is AMS. If you know that AMS is going to occur during the workout, for example, you have runners’ knee and are about to jog, then applying a CBD topical has the ability to calm the inflamed area before the workout begins. Always make sure to listen to your body and not overdo any workout to avoid further injury.

Final Thoughts

CBD can make your workout better and more intense if you use it the right way. A little CBD just before bedtime, or a little CBD when you wake up can make the whole difference, not just in your workout routine, but in the whole day. With more clinical research being done on the benefits of CBD for athletes, we may soon expect more formulations dedicated specifically to sportspeople.